Tuesday, November 5, 2013

1929 Prices for Rosine Perfumes

Thayer's Department store ad published in the Kansas City Star, 1928:

"Rosine's Imported Perfumes Regular $2.50 Bottle, Reduced Because Manufacturer Is Changing Style of Bottle. Here, indeed, is a wonderful offering. 2,292 bottles of Rosine’s imported Perfume, each bottle containing 1-3 ounce. This low price is made possible because the manufacturer is changing the style of the bottle. A fortunate purchase, indeed, just in time for Christmas buying. Packed in an attractive gift box. 
Seven odors are offered: 
  • Toute La Foret 
  • Borgia
  • Le Fruit Defendu
  • Avenue de Bois
  • Arlequinade
  • Coeur en Folie
  • Le Balcon
Outstanding value. Regular $2.50 bottle for 69c."

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