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Hahna by Rosine c1919

Hahna by Rosine: launched in 1919. Created by Henri Alméras. It was subtitled both "L'Étrange Fleur" and "La Fleur Secrète."

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like? It is classified as a green floral oriental fragrance for women. It was described as "a light fragrance that is a blending of many flowers. Well suited to the younger person."
  • Top notes: thyme, mint, green note
  • Middle notes: jasmine, tuberose and mignonette
  • Base notes: oakmoss, amber

Rosine advertisement, 1924:
"Parfum d'Hahna, L'Etrange Fleur. The perfume of damp mosses, of early blooms and shoots unfolding, near the bright waters amongst the mint and thyme. One dreams of the early awakening of spring, the buoyant dash and brilliance of the first fine days. A selection of Poiret's from the Parfums Rosine."


Hahna came in several size bottles,
  • 1/2 oz
  • 3/4 oz 
  • deluxe bottle which was a 1 2/3 oz size

Oregon News, 1920:
""Hahna, L'Etrange Fleur, Rosine, Paris, France," says a flagon of gold and red and this same "strange flower" is in a Chinese kind of box of lacquered gold with flower decorations."

 The Gazette Times - Oct 26, 1924:
"Paris sends us these alluring perfumes, created by Rosine, a master perfumer. Only French genius can produce such distinctive odeurs, contained in artistic flasks, charmingly packaged...  Arlequinade, in gold decorated flask, with red tassel. $25. Hahna, L'Etrange Fleur in a gold finished bottle. $22."

Fate of the Fragrance:

It was still being sold in 1932.

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