Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hahna by Rosine c1919

Hahna by Rosine: launched in 1919. Created by Henri Alméras. It was subtitled both "L'Étrange Fleur" and "La Fleur Secrète."

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Black Tulip de Poiret c1920s

Black Tulip de Poiret: launched sometime in the 1920s. The perfume was housed in the standard bottle used for other Poiret perfumes.

Paul Poiret had a habit of using the names of popular perfumes of the time, this time he has used Black Tulip, which was a name used by Henry Tetlow, Atkinson's, Solon Palmer, Lazell & Co, McLean, Edward T Beiser and others.

Radio-Lait de Rosine c1930s

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Lady of Paris by Paul Poiret c1930

Lady of Paris by Paul Poiret: launched in 1930. Also known as Femme de Paris by Poiret. The name is also the name of a Ybry perfume dating to the 1920s.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sang de France by Rosine c1915

Sang de France by Rosine: launched in 1915. After the death of two of his children, Paul Poiret released the perfume Sang de France, but the authorities ban it due to wartime sensitivities.

Spirit of St. Louis by Rosine c1927

Spirit of St. Louis by Rosine: launched in 1927.

A tribute to American aviation pioneer Charles Lindbergh who became the first pilot to fly non-stop and solo New York to Paris in 1927 in 33 hours with his plane, Spirit of St. Louis.

Pierrot by Rosine c1914

Pierrot by Rosine: launched in 1914. Created by Henri Alméras.

Using the colors of the character of the commedia dell'arte, Pierrot from a black cap-hat and a white collar (referring to the first activity Poiret seam). Starry black box shows the song "Au clair de la lune" dedicated to Lully.

Le Minaret by Rosine c1913

Le Minaret by Rosine: launched in 1913. Named after Jacques Richepin’s ballet Le Minaret for which Paul Poiret designed costumes for.

Le Balcon by Rosine c1914

Le Balcon by Rosine:  launched in 1914.  Created by Henri Alméras.

This fragrance evokes the romance with Martha, her neighbor to the rue Auber, who often stood on his balcony. To this flask, Mario Simon takes up the idea of the grid surrounding a female bust with rounded shoulders.

Perfume bottle “Rosine” by Paul Poiret. Paris, about 1925.
© Lipnitzki / Roger-Viollet. Paris En Images.

Aladin by Rosine c1919

Aladin by Rosince: launched in 1919. Based on the character in The Thousand and One Nights, Aladdin.

The name Aladin was trademarked for perfume on May 28, 1919 and was introduced in a magnificent presentation reflecting Paul Poiret's life as the so-called "Pasha of Paris". Paul Poiret is represented by Mario Simon on the box of the perfume as a sultan from Thousand and One Nights.

Mam'zelle Victoire by Rosine c1915

Mam'zelle Victoire by Rosine: launched in 1915. Created by Henri Almeras.

It is said that Georges Lepape collaborated with Poiret on the perfume bottle and packaging design and, of course, completed all the artwork for the labelling and advertising. This advertisement appeared in 1916.

Maharadjah by Rosine c1921

Maharadjah by Rosine: launched in 1921. The name of the fragrance refers to the role of Maharaja held by actor Edouard de Max, in the room of the prince Otherc, Henri Lavedan (Poiret has created the costumes).