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La Coupe d'Or by Rosine c1910

La Coupe d'Or by Rosine: launched in 1910. Created by Maurice Schaller. The name means "The Golden Bowl" in French.

Paul Poiret trademarked this name in the USA in 1924.

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like? It is classified as a hesperidic oriental amber perfume. Similar to Ambre Antique by Coty.
  • Top notes: bergamot, rosewood
  • Middle notes: carnation, tarragon, honey, rose, spices
  • Base notes: caramel, tonka bean, vanilla, musk, ambergris

Other perfume bottles are simpler in design, tall, with a circular disk shaped stopper, the perfume label is in the shape of a footed bowl overflowing with the fruits motif.

The perfume bottle for this perfume is a clear glass, rectangular shaped column adorned with a satin glass stopper covered in a gilded metal top, simulating a glass bowl overflowing with fruit. This bottle measures 5.25" tall.
photos from worthpoint

Discontinued, date unknown.

It was still being sold in 1929 as seen in a volume of the Official Journal: Body of the Provisional Government of Mexico along with other Rosine perfumes:

Ambre de Venise, Aladin, Arlequinade, Avenue du Bois, Borgia, Chez Poiret, Chypre des Isles, Coeur en Folie, Connais Tu le Pays?, Hahna, Jasmin de la Riviera, Le Balcon, Le Bosquet d'Apollon, Le Coup d'Or, Le Fruit Defendu, La Rose de Rosine, Maharadjah, 1935, Nuit de Chine, Pierrot, Qui Es-Tu?, Sa Chambre, Sakya Mouni, Toute la Foret.."

In 1993, Les Parfums Rosine reformulated by François Robert and relaunched this perfume in a bottle designed by Guillaume Rogeon. By 2002, this perfume was discontinued.
  • Top notes: red berries, orange, peach, cinnamon. 
  • Heart notes: jasmine, rose, lilies of the valley, sandalwood. 
  • Base notes: musk, vanilla, ambergris.

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