Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sang de France by Rosine c1915

Sang de France by Rosine: launched in 1915. After the death of two of his children, Paul Poiret released the perfume Sang de France, but the authorities ban it due to wartime sensitivities.

Fragrance Composition:

I have no published notes on this perfume.

The bottle, a red crystal heart with a stopper made of angel's wings, was later used for his perfume Coeur en Folie. The bottle was made at Atelier Martine.

Discontinued in 1916.

Harper's Bazaar, 1916:
"Poiret, I hear has been forced to withdraw his new perfume Sang de France from the market. The authorities took exception to the bottle, which was in the shape of a heart; to the colour of the extract which was blood red; and to the name which brutally emphasized conditions as they are to-day in France."

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