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Connais tu le Pays? by Rosine c1920

Connais tu le Pays? by Rosine: launched in 1920. Perfume name means "Knowest thou the land" in French. Poiret honors sixty years of the opera "Mignon" by Ambroise Thomas. The perfume is named after the song "Connais tu le Pays" from Mignon. The first words of the opening air: "Do you know the country where the orange flowers?"

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like? It was described as "sweet" and "pungent" and I believe it may have been composed around orange blossom, orange, orange peels, rose and lemon.
  • Top notes: lemon, orange peel, orange, apple
  • Middle notes: orange blossom, rose
  • Base notes:


Connais tu le Pays was housed inside of a transparent round glass bottle shaped like an orange, complete with a gilded leaf that acted as the stopper. The presentation box was in shades of pink, yellow orange, pale green, and forest green. With the label printed in red.

Fashions of the Hour, Marshall Field and Company, 1926:
"Last shelf, in the shape of an orange, "Connais tu le Pays?" $18."

(mistakenly named as a lemon in ad below)

Fate of the Fragrance:

It was still being sold in 1929 as seen in a volume of the Official Journal: Body of the Provisional Government of Mexico along with other Rosine perfumes:

 Ambre de Venise, Aladin, Arlequinade, Avenue du Bois, Borgia, Chez Poiret, Chypre des Isles, Coeur en Folie, Connais Tu le Pays?, Hahna, Jasmin de la Riviera, Le Balcon, Le Bosquet d'Apollon, Le Coup D'or, Le fruit Defendu,...La Rose de Rosine, Maharadjah, 1935, Nuit de Chine, Pierrot, Qui Es-Tu?, Sa Chambre, Sakya Mouni, Toute la Foret.."

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